Hi! Wow, thanks so much for visiting my site, and even taking some time to learn about me! My name is Grayson, I'm Gemini/Taurus cusp, INFJ on the Meyer's Briggs, but both of those things don't actually tell you much about me. I spend countless hours cuddling with my cat Oz, yet I wouldn't consider myself a cat person? I don't think I have gone a day without coffee in almost 3 years (I'm working on it, ok),

The main thing I want you to know about me and my business is that you, my clients, are my main priority.  An "Instagram worthy" picture isn't just a beautiful wedding or engagement photo. It's a picture that captures your emotion and personality in real time! I am here to work with you and help you fulfill your creative ideas.

Have a cool location in mind? I'm down! Want me to take photos of you eating tacos? knitting? skiing (not in Texas)? I gotcha. Whatever it may be, as your photographer I am here to serve you and your ideas, and not my Instagram.